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Welcome to Healing Through Experiences (HTE)! HTE, is a wellness coaching haven to fully support your healing journey, using a holistic approach to assist you in how to access your inner knowing. We achieve this by a series of conversations that starts with learning about you through our in-depth questionare. We provide education on the safety of essential oils for every day use, Healthy EMF Jewelry to increase your vitality and blood flow, and energy work services. Here at HTE, we share our truth, and getting the root is a process. We encourage you to be patient with yourself on this journey.

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"Conversations with Nicole!!!! Nicole was able to assist me with navigating through a difficult situation I recently encountered. She’s a great listener! She provides sound guidance! She even gave me real actionable things to do going forward to continue to process my feelings and “HEAL through MY experience!” Love her and I highly recommend!" - C.Tims, LA

Essential oil and EMF Jewelry

"I remember the dark days you helped me out of. I do go through some rough roads but it doesn't get the best of me like before. I'm still getting my doTERRA monthly and earing PV for free things. I'm very appreciative of your advice and encouragement. Thank you So much!" - C.Vincent, MD

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"I had an AromaTouch by Nicole at Healing Through Experiences. I was highly impressed with the care and attention I received. I appreciated the time taken to explain my health issues and suggestions for maintaining good health and mood." - M.Davis, CT

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